Issue #11 – November 2021

🤍🌊 🧜🏿‍♂️ wisdom comes with waves 🧜🏽‍♀️ 🌊🤍

As our first year is coming to a close, it seems appropriate that the November issue is about age and growing up. From young to old, this month we have it all: parenting, pettiness, love, growth, fear, frailty, and as always – friendship. 

Join Amanda Helms as she writes about family, history, grief, and growth in “How to Give Your Toddler a Tail.” In “Field Trip to See the Mermaid,” Beth Cato captures the chaos and conspiracies of kids, while Beata Garrett looks hard at the logistics of learning to like the unfamiliar in “Love Unlike Us.” “Cupid Under the Sea” is a lesson in hubris, while “Dumi” explores all of the ways we can go hungry. Don’t miss the magical illustrations from this issue by Jennifer LoringKate StaileyLisa Wee, and Wakey Nelson – we’d be lost at sea without them. 

Below you’ll find 18 pieces of mermaid magic to cozy up and grow old with:

Table of Treasures

Cover art by John Picacio

Download the Mermaids Monthly Issue #11 – November 2021

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