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Issue #6 June 2021

We’re here, we’re queer, and we’re proud of it.

Poetry, short stories, a few each-to-each pieces and more! Read it right now – for free!

Catch up on our previously published treasures…

The Collector

by Tara Campbell This story previously appeared in Latchkey Tales, Elementals: Children of Water in July, 2014 Content note: This story contains consumption of alcohol, consumption of live animals, and a child in peril. The mermaid wriggled up toward the surface of her lake, eyes fixed onContinue reading “The Collector”

My Little Mermaid

by Lorraine Schein This story originally appeared in Hysteria #7, 1995 Content Note: This story contains references to and descriptions of sexual activity My little mermaid lives at home in my apartment in a small goldfish bowl on the night table next to my bed.  I’ve decoratedContinue reading “My Little Mermaid”

The Undersea Crossing Guard

by Kris Herndon and Lorraine Schein STOP! IN THE NAME OF FISH– BEFORE WE BREAK YOUR BOAT!By order of M.E.R.M.—Mermaids’ Education and Resistance Movement Halt!Touch not the coral.Touch not the fish.The sea’s not your playgroundto use as you wish! I’m the undersea crossing guard from S.W.I.M.*protecting myContinue reading “The Undersea Crossing Guard”

Cover art by Nilah Magruder

Read our first full issue with art and stories by Annika Barranti Klein, Gabriel Klein, L. D. Lewis, Nilah Magruder, Brett Massé, Niv Sekar, Patty Templeton, and Brigit Truex

Cover art by Nilah Magruder

Space Needs Mers! Check out this star-crossed issue with work from Amanda Saville, Aqua Moon, John Sies, Joyce Chng, Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, Seth Martel, and Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos.

Cover art by Aqua Moons

One comic, two poems, three short stories, an essay, and an interview with several of our contributors who dive deep into the waters of family and fear and keeps going until they get to the other side.

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