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Issue #10 October 2021

Tricks and Treats

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Girlfriend Jacket

“I wake up in a cave, wearing Bos’ coat. Most humans would be concerned about the cave part, but as a selkie, I was befuddled that I was wearing my best friend’s skin instead of my own.”

by Benny Kim

Below Salt-Heavy Tides

“The waves are crashing gently on the shore. To my right is the beach, all blue and silver sand, where we walk, where our children play, where we barbeque and eat together. Where we stood, all of us together, that night when the last of us arrived, shuttled down from the ship in orbit, and took in our new home.”

by Andi C. Buchanan

Ocean’s 6

by Elsa Sjunneson I dream of oceans. The gray green water of the Irish Sea is cold. It’s the frozen waters of home, the cold means nothing to me, personally – welcoming instead of a brush with death.  The Baltic is a steel blue that will freezeContinue reading “Ocean’s 6”


“Joel brings them menus, which they do not look at. She turns her round eyes up to him and whispers


by Cherry Potts

Clutch. Stick. Shift.

“There’s a story about the truck with an empty driver’s seat that they say patrols the East Coast.”

by Tehnuka

This is How You Make Selkie Skins

“Set your prices upfront, and ask for a deposit. You can do charity if you like—and I will not judge you if you do—but never accept a life debt from a selkie.”

by Priya Sridhar

Cover art by Nilah Magruder

Read our first full issue with art and stories by Annika Barranti Klein, Gabriel Klein, L. D. Lewis, Nilah Magruder, Brett Massé, Niv Sekar, Patty Templeton, and Brigit Truex

Cover art by Nilah Magruder

Space Needs Mers! Check out this star-crossed issue with work from Amanda Saville, Aqua Moon, John Sies, Joyce Chng, Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier, Seth Martel, and Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos.

Cover art by Aqua Moons

One comic, two poems, three short stories, an essay, and an interview with several of our contributors who dive deep into the waters of family and fear and keeps going until they get to the other side.

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