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Mermaid Monthly Originals, Short Stories

The Space Mermaid’s Garden

“A space garden needs minerals, bright spots of cosmic dust, the light of millions of distant stars. A space garden needs hope, for it is an impossibility, this growth from barrenness, this a miracle of green.” by Beth Goder

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Mermaid Care

“Mermaids are solitary creatures that have little need for social contact with one another, much less with human beings. They prefer to avoid human contact. Humans, for their part, bewitched by centuries of myth and fairy tales, do not share that aversion. It is important to emphasize this fact: mermaids are wild animals.” by Jonathan…

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Cupid Under the Sea

“He smiles and cocks his head like I’m an endearing child. “I suppose I can ask you my question now.” “Does it involve you, me, and a bucket of edible glitter?” I say, proving I’m no child.” by Debra Goelz

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Love Unlike Us

“When my father returned from work one day, he brought a bag of mermaid tears sewn into his sleeve so no one could steal it.” by Beata Garrett

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Ife’s Ride

“Some come to our waters for healing. Others come to catch a glimpse of our fins as we dive. Whatever they come for, we are here.” by Tracy Ramey

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How to Give Your Toddler a Tail

“You sag against the cabinets while your heart still thuds in your chest, hard, and stare blankly at your daughter while she glares at you with the impotent rage of a thwarted three-year-old. ‘Mommy! I’m being a mermaid!’” By Amanda Helms

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This Is You

“Your fingers are long, your belly is soft, your laugh is loud so you don’t laugh often. You find it a bit embarrassing. You don’t like attention. From the waist up, you are “normal” but from there down, you are a mermaid.” by Kathryn Kania

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“Can you hear it?” he repeated. “What? The sea? Sure.” “Not the sea. Them. Their song.” “Them – you mean the whales?” “The mermaids.” by Csilla Kleinheincz and Bogi Takács

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This is Your Home

“We started going to house showings as soon as the scales began to shimmer under your skin like oil on water.” by Stefan Slater

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“The wildness overtook her, a wildness of tides and the pull of the ravening moon, the eerie recklessness of ebb and flow, wax and wane, storms on the waters. She reveled in the rawness of it and gave herself over to it. The depths called to her, teeming with life and destruction.” by Marlane Quade…

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Mermaids of Alabama: An Environmental Assessment 

“The Alabama Mermaid Conservatorship Association (AMCA) seeks permission and funding to further local creek reclamation by removing two dams that were damaged by flooding, along Little Tallaseehatchee Creek, located outside Jacksonville, Calhoun County, Alabama. This project has the ultimate goal of restoring the conditions of the Alabama mermaid habitat.” By Ellie Campbell

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“We had long since dropped any formalities between us; as Nereids, we were sisters even if she had married a mortal.” by Cislyn Smith

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Girlfriend Jacket

“I wake up in a cave, wearing Bos’ coat. Most humans would be concerned about the cave part, but as a selkie, I was befuddled that I was wearing my best friend’s skin instead of my own.” by Benny Kim

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Below Salt-Heavy Tides

“The waves are crashing gently on the shore. To my right is the beach, all blue and silver sand, where we walk, where our children play, where we barbeque and eat together. Where we stood, all of us together, that night when the last of us arrived, shuttled down from the ship in orbit, and…

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Ocean’s 6

by Elsa Sjunneson I dream of oceans.The gray green water of the Irish Sea is cold. It’s the frozen waters of home, the cold means nothing to me, personally – welcoming instead of a brush with death.  The Baltic is a steel blue that will freeze a human in seconds. The cold still doesn’t fuss…

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This is How You Make Selkie Skins

“Set your prices upfront, and ask for a deposit. You can do charity if you like—and I will not judge you if you do—but never accept a life debt from a selkie.” by Priya Sridhar

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““Being a mermaid is for everyone,” she’d replied, over and over again, always trying to sound calm, always trying to sound like the reasonable, rational one, and not like this was what she wanted more than anything.” by Seanan McGuire

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At the Mouth of the Sea

“l themselves mermaids, but that is what we call them. I hope the one I’ve fallen in love with will stay even though I know she won’t. None of them ever do. ” by Tamara Jerée

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Not the Brightest Starfish in the Sea

“Water sluiced off the form’s powerful muscles and iridescent scales, and when it shook itself, the sunlight turned the droplets into sprays of diamonds. Hector gasped. A mermaid! No! A mer-man!” by Rod M. Santos

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The Incident at Veniaminov

“The summer had finally reached our island. We shed layers of knitted wool and sinew-sewn fur and let the wind move across our bare arms and legs — a vulnerable feeling after being perpetually covered for most of the year.” by Mathilda Zeller

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Sirens of the South

“She had found something that would mean she’d never be poor again – but there was a catch – she would never step foot on dry land again. ” by Gee Pascal

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How to Bind a Sailor’s Heart

“So you’ve fallen in love with a sailor. If you asked me for advice – which you are emphatically not doing – I’d tell you to find yourself another sweetheart.” By Jelena Dunato

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Fisherman’s Soup

“The rusalka rose from the murky broth, bits of parsley and bay leaf tangled in her hair. She scrunched her nose, sneezed again, then swam to the side of the pot, swatting the occasional potato chunk out of her path.” by Kristina Ten

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How to Eat a Mermaid

by K. Garcia Ley “We hadn’t meant to kill the first one in a boating accident, but then the kill turned into curiosity, and curiosity turned into our only source of food.”

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by Amanda Saville “The night the fireball crashed into the sea, the stars were dazzling.”

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