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High tides raise all boats.

Mermaids Monthly is a digital magazine all about mermaids. What kind of mermaids? Every kind. Happy mermaids, murderous mermaids; mermaids, merdudes, mermxs – maybe even a few highly confused manatees! Any cool aquatic chimeras that you could possibly think of with any and every fin color and combination. Our magazine has short stories, flash stories, comics, poetry, art, and more. We’d love for you to join our adventure.

Julia Rios

Julia Rios

Julia Rios (they/them) is a queer, Latinx writer, editor, podcaster, and narrator whose fiction, non-fiction, and poetry have appeared in Latin American Literature Today, Lightspeed, and Goblin Fruit, among other places. Their editing work has won multiple awards including the Hugo Award. Julia is a co-host of This is Why We’re Like This, a podcast about the movies we watch in childhood that shape our lives, for better or for worse. They’ve narrated stories for Escape Pod, Podcastle, Pseudopod, and Cast of Wonders. They’re @omgjulia on Twitter.

What Julia Does

Acquires and Edit Content

Pays People

Answers Queries

Big Picture Planning

Meg Frank

Meg Frank (they/them) is a Hugo-nominated artist based in New York. In the before times they traveled a lot and spent a lot of time putting makeup on people at conventions. Currently they are keeping themselves busy with art school , two cats, and this magazine. They’re @peripateticmeg on Twitter.

What Meg Does

Acquires Art

Tweets A Lot

Magazine Layout

Updates The Website

Ashley Deng

Ashley Deng (she/her) is a Canadian-born Chinese-Jamaican writer with a love of fantasy and all things Gothic. She studied biochemistry with a particular interest in making accessible the often-cryptic world of science and medicine. When not writing, she spends her spare time overthinking society and culture and genre fiction. Her work has appeared at Nightmare Magazine, Fireside Magazine, and Queen of Swords Press and you can find her at aedeng.wordpress.com or on Twitter at @ashesandmochi.

What Ashley Does

Reads and Responds to Submissions

Copyedits content

Lis Hulin Wheeler

Lis Hulin Wheeler (she/her) lives outside Boston with her spouse and child and spends her days chasing mail carriers and citing obscure postal regulations. Find her on twitter or goodreads and her work at Ninestar Press and The Future Fire. She also serves as Fiction Editor and Logistics Manager for Wizards in Space Literary Magazine (check them out!) and slushreads for various genre publications.

What Lis Does

Mails Everything

Creates Contracts

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