Past Waves

“On a typically gloomy October Tuesday I was sitting in the park tossing popcorn to the few pigeons around and feeling generally sorry for myself. Not surprisingly the park was, but for myself, deserted. As I sat there wondering just how much popcorn a pigeon had to eat before it fulfilled its minimum daily requirement of eight essential vitamins, I heard a faint and far off squeak. It was the merman.”

by Lawrence M. Schoen

Ila, The Mermaid Of Batticaloa

“Merfolk stories are like first contact stories. It’s cliché to say the ocean is an alien world, but it’s certainly different. I think this aspect is fascinating to explore, especially because land and sea are interconnected, making these differences not only interesting but personal.

So, when merfolk visit land, what might they notice?”

by Priya Chand