Only Circles in the Sea

“There are these straight lines you draw between human and mermaid, earth magic and ocean magic, blue mer and pink. An obsession with taxonomy, but also with linear comprehension, always these hard divisions between past, present, and future. Such human presumptions. What are straight lines in the sea?”

by Carlie St. George and Clara McCanna

A Minnow, or Perhaps a Colossal Squid

by Carlos Hernandez and C. S. E. Cooney From the Monograph Sirenas of Garganta by Ven. Damiana Cardosa y Fuentes, Doctora de Filosofia Naturál They are gigantic. We could not see sirenas because they are gigantic! Too long have our imaginations been limited by sea shanties that portrayed sirenas as lusty, acid-tongued wenches who (how?)Continue reading “A Minnow, or Perhaps a Colossal Squid”

Cold Weather Accessories for Imaginary Creatures

by Kris Herndon and Lorraine Schein This poem previously appeared in Star*Line, Spring 2019 The winter mermaidwears an infinity scarf,fingerless gloves, and a neoprene tail warmer. © Copyright Kris Herndon and Lorraine Schein Kris Herndon is a writer, musician and artist whose byline has appeared in The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur, Wired, Metropolis,Continue reading “Cold Weather Accessories for Imaginary Creatures”

The Undersea Crossing Guard

by Kris Herndon and Lorraine Schein STOP! IN THE NAME OF FISH– BEFORE WE BREAK YOUR BOAT!By order of M.E.R.M.—Mermaids’ Education and Resistance Movement Halt!Touch not the coral.Touch not the fish.The sea’s not your playgroundto use as you wish! I’m the undersea crossing guard from S.W.I.M.*protecting my class of sea children.I teach them how toContinue reading “The Undersea Crossing Guard”