What Do Merfolk Notice on Land?

“Merfolk stories are like first contact stories. It’s cliché to say the ocean is an alien world, but it’s certainly different. I think this aspect is fascinating to explore, especially because land and sea are interconnected, making these differences not only interesting but personal.

So, when merfolk visit land, what might they notice?”

by Priya Chand

Loving the Other: Hans Christian Andersen and the evolution of mermaid romance in Western media

“Humans have always been fascinated by the notion of people who live in the sea. Mermaid romance combines the allure of the water with the irresistible tug of the unattainable and a dash of sex. ”

by Carrie Sessarego

The Many Mermaids of Fiction

by J.D. Harlock There is something ineffable about the allure of the mermaid. Whether it is their boundless potential for riveting tales or the sheer ingenuity of their design, mermaids have somehow managed to capture the imaginations of writers all over the world in a way few other mythical creatures have. Their stories have beenContinue reading “The Many Mermaids of Fiction”