Ships and How We’re Handling Things

by Meg Frank

Hey folks, last year you helped us raise $27,553 to make this magazine happen. I told you we’d tell you how we spent the money we received and here I am to do that. Tl;dr we’re operating within our budget but a little behind schedule.

Kickstarter took a cut of the money we raised to the tune of $2322 for the work of hosting our project online, streamlining the donations, and keeping track of your contact and shipping information. Honestly, it’s a steal. We flip our fins especially in the direction of Oriana Leckert who provided specific and helpful feedback on our campaign concepts and some much needed encouragement.

That cut left us with $25,230. We found another $950 in our own pockets and altered our plans to fit a budget of $26,150 for 2021. The increase in operational budget covers more content – written and visual – for the magazine, legal incorporation costs, and a higher pay rate for our Logistics Wizard, Lis. 

So far this year we’ve spent $4092. A little over half of that, $2582, has been spent on buying content for the magazine.  $1780 was spent on the content for this January Issue (we budgeted for $1950)  with the rest covering content for the Bonus Issue and content for swiftly upcoming issues. 

The other $1510 we have spent this year has gone to incorporation fees ($350), lots of postage stamps ($520!), pins ($610) and website stuff ($30). 

Production of some of our backing rewards is taking longer than we anticipated because our timeline didn’t plan for living and trying to work through an armed insurrection. We decided to give ourselves and our contributors more time to work and we hope you understand – our work is better for it. 

Ideally, future issues will be released to subscribers closer to the middle of the month. We hope all physical rewards will be delivered by the end of February and we will continue to update you here and in online spaces until everything is delivered. 

So, there you have it: the cost and keeping of this magazine. Next time: charts and graphs!  

Tall ships seem pretty cool. Got a favorite? Email us about it.

Meg Frank (they/them) is a Hugo-nominated artist based in New York. In the before times they traveled a lot and spent a lot of time looking up in museums. Currently they are keeping themselves busy with art school, two cats, knitting for their family, and being co-Publisher of this magazine. They’re @peripateticmeg on Twitter.

Read the Rest of the January Issue

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