Diving Selkie

by Vicky Bowes

© Copyright Vicky Bowes

Vicky Bowes, Spring Tide Creations: I am an artist fortunate enough to spend my days drawing and painting what inspires me the most – the natural world.

I grew up in the UK countryside and have always been enthralled by the worlds of other animals and plants – wondering about their lives, how they feel, what they’re thinking, and I’m never happier than when outdoors – immersed in the wild – be it out on the water or deep in the forest.

I draw and paint representations of these worlds in an effort to share the experience with others.

My work has been described as ‘realistic with just the right amount of whimsy’ which is an observation I enjoy. I love whimsical storytelling through my work. Stories linked to nature occur in every culture throughout history. The whimsy gives us a connection to the character and emotions of the other beings portrayed – a glimpse at the world from another point of view. This builds a relationship of love with the wild world that many humans feel disassociated with in modern times.

I hope my work brings a renewed sense of kinship with nature and helps in some way to preserve, protect and respect what is left of this beautiful planet’s wild places.

And if nothing else, I hope it brings you a sense of joy.

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