Message in A Bubble

White text on a plumb background of a long skinny rectangle. Text arranged to look like a long newspaper column. Text reads: Message In A Bubble
to Jennifer – we all love you and miss you and will be happy to see you when you come back! – the gang
to Audrey – Audrey! I hope my no-longer-little Mermaid enjoys all the tales (and tails)! I bet mermaids would crush at Synchro except for pikes and other split-leg figures. -Love, Dadda
– to Kim – Hey, Kim. For you and your kung-fu mermaid. Happy New Year! – Carol
-to Taryn – Taryn, I hope that 2021 is off to a swimmingly good start! To get things started, please enjoy a year of mermaids and adventure. – Love Kirsten
– to Constelación Magazine – Congratulations/Felicidades! We ware so excited to have your amazing first issue in our reading grotto! – Mermaids Monthly –
Below a white sketch of tentacles holding a glass bottle with rolled up piece of paper inside is the following white text: Want to send a nice note of your own? Send us $5 and a tweet sized text and we’ll share it in the next issue! Kickstarter backers are entitlted to one free message! Email any questions to mermaidsmonthly @

Mermaid Alignment Chart

Image is of a white chart and white drawings of bubbles and a fish on a plumb background.

Top row of the chart:Mood& Body Type – Half/Half – Must be Human – Any Water Dweller.
Second row: Murderous – Ursula – Rusalka – Coconut Crabs
Third row: Kind – Mermaid Pusheen – La Sirena – Free Willy
Bottom row: Look, merfolk are complex, okay? – Nagas – Swamp Thing – Patty Templeton’s “So Alive”