Secret Keeping

by Ali Trotta

My heart knows every depth,
these full fathoms of blue,
the winding coral, the curving laughter
of a dolphin, darkness twined
with wandering light,
home, and all its innumerable
I would not give it up,
not for all the legs and land,
no, there is too much freedom
in this sea, and I know
all its secrets,
and it keeps all of mine.

© Copyright Ali Trotta 2020

Ali Trotta is a poet, editor, dreamer, word-nerd, and unapologetic coffee addict. Her poetry has appeared in UncannyFireside Fiction, and Cicada magazines, as well as in The Best of Uncanny from Subterranean Press. A geek to the core, she’s written television show reviews for Blastoff Comics. These have included Agent CarterThe Flash, and Supergirl. Additionally, for Blastoff, she has written some personal essays. Ali’s always scribbling on napkins, looking for magic in the world, and bursting into song (toss a coin to your Witcher!). When she isn’t word-wrangling, she’s cooking, baking, hugging an animal, or pretending to be a mermaid. She’s on Twitter as @alwayscoffee, and you can also read her blog at

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