The Mermaid’s Dilemma

by Michael Angelo Stephens My life is on the rocks, the mermaid said,And who am I to disagree with her, This diaphanous creature of earth andSea, lounging near the pier filled with penguin Guano and gull regurgitations ofFish bones and seaweed, spindrift and icy Foam tentacles, as the waves break on shore,And the tide rushesContinue reading “The Mermaid’s Dilemma”

The Lady in the Lake

by Lorraine Schein This poem previously appeared in Unspoken Water 1, 2011 I am a deep hollow filled with waterand live in this clear blue castle  that none can see.Its crystal gates, portals to other worlds. My throne is encrusted with fine sand, pearlsand your flung offerings. I am clad in soft rippleslimned with small mirrors.ReedsContinue reading “The Lady in the Lake”

After Atlantis

by Lorraine Schein The mermaid swims through the flooded city, glides between the empty windows of New York’s skyscrapers,the Empire State’s spire skewered with sharks and octopiwhile below fish flit through submerged subway cars. She struggles over the flooded river to the sea,dodging bobbing bottles, broken glass,  beer rings caught on her tail, plastic bags clinging toContinue reading “After Atlantis”

The Coral Fairy

by Lorraine Schein This poem previously appeared in Star*Line, Summer 2020 Under all seas,my wings branch red filigree. Redder than the sun’s reflection on the sea where insolent mermaids basknaked as seals on thrusting rockstaunting passing sailors shamelessly,flaunting my bright polyps as their jewelry.  My eyes are bioluminescent deep water,the green glowing dark of ocean trenches.Continue reading “The Coral Fairy”