I’m Not Ready To Leave

by Zion Mc Neil

Mummy once told me that life is like the ocean. 
One look at it and it’s mesmerizing, but its depths are 
hidden with surprises. She nurtures me every step of the way, 
hiding me from the monsters that lie between the shadows. 
She calls me her little mermaid because of my long legs, my posture  
and my love for the waters. 
Mummy always says, The ocean is no place to play.  

For each ocean floor has its own predator that marks its territory.  
Mummy always says, My little mermaid, stay awake and never 
swim to the surface, for you will be captured in the nets of the pirates.  
The ocean is no place to play. It’s full with dangerous, endangered, 
and polite sea creatures, who fend for their own. We are no different than  
that of the land dwellers who live on the surface. My little mermaid,  
your world is more dangerous. The ocean is limitless.  
I was curious as to what the ocean had to offer. An adventure my heart desired.  

Out into the open waters, I swim, terrified of the monsters that lure in the dark, feeding off my fear that renders in my heart. Behold this huge magnificent
sharp teeth creature that haunted me until I was out of sight. The adrenaline that rushed through my body, thinking I was on the verge of death. 
I saw the light, Mummy, I kept swimming. The moment I thought I was free, I was immobile again, in what seemed to be the pirates’ nets. I wasn’t alone, Mummy, but your guidance helped lead these vulnerable fishes to freedom. 
The surface seemed closer than ever. I saw another creature with much more tail than mine,  trying to use tactics to escape my presence. It’s true what you said,  
they fend for their kind. Mummy, your little mermaid isn’t little no more.  

I will whisper into the waters on how everything has changed. It’s dark again Mummy.
I can’t see, I think … I think I’m a captive inside another creature. I feel alone, Mummy. I wish you were here. Mummy! Mummy! 
I escaped but I left a hole, I didn’t mean to hurt it. I can see again, Mummy.  It’s more beautiful up here than under. There are a lot of creatures surrounding me but I’m scared, Mummy. Why did you have to let me go? Mummy, I learned that every part of life is a stage. Mummy, it’s true the ocean is no place to play.  I made it to the coral reefs, it’s spectacular as it glisters when the light reflects off it. I made it to the surface, but I think it’s time to go home. I’m alone, Mummy and nothing  has changed. You said life is like the ocean. One look at it and it’s mesmerising…

© Copyright Zion Mc Neil

Zion Mc Neil: I am 17 years of age. I am from Trindad and Tobago, an island in the Caribbean. I am currently a theatre student at the University Of The West Indies (U.W.I). I attended St.Francois Girl’s College (2015-2020). I grew up in a community called Maloney Gardens. I was surrounded by lots of friends and Family members. As a child growing up there I used to pay attention to the dramas/ bacchanals and try to recreate them in my head with a little twist. Growing up I was fond of my drama teachers, they inspired part of who I am today and the education I am pursuing. My Dream Is to become a playwright, stage manager and actor. This is my goal. I want to bring my dream to reality and every baby step I take will add up in the long run. I have a passion for modelling, dancing, baking and playing sports. I always look forward to opportunities along my journey in life.

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