by Sara Eileen Hames

A full page digital illustration of a fat mermaid, in a minimalist style. The mermaid is seen from behind, looking over their right shoulder. Their bald head is framed by a solid gold, perfectly circular sun. As the path of the eye moves from the top of the page to the bottom, the color the mermaid is outlined in changes in a gradient and becomes looser, suggesting the mermaid is in water. The thick lines that outline the shape of the mermaid are dark blue, then after the top of the hips, becomes muted, pale green, and then, following the line of a tail, gradually becomes the gold color of the sun. The outline trails off, not closed at the bottom, suggesting the movement of a long tail.

© Copyright Sara Eileen Hames

Sara Eileen Hames is a mixed media artist and writer working in Brooklyn, NY. Ze makes art about monsters, emotions, landscapes, and other aggressively beautiful things, prioritizing detail, color, and tenderness. Sara’s art has appeared in four solo shows and several group shows, most recently at the Carrie Able Gallery where ze was an artist in residence in the summer of 2020. Hir poetry, short fiction, and illustration have been published internationally. Ze holds an undergraduate degree from Columbia University, and a Masters of Creative Writing from The University of Sydney. When not making art, ze parents two small whirlwinds in the shapes of human children. Find hir on Twitter and Instagram @saraeileen.

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