Hippocampus Zosterae

by David Mohan

This poem originally appeared in NAILED Magazine

The hustle goes like this—
you wait near the sea bottom,
lost in weed, eyes chameleon,
your tail a flirtish curl, 
hesitant as a comma,
an oceanic rhizome.

I come out of the coral,
the swaying forest of sea grass,
seeking seduction, my husband.
We shall swim side by side,
like riders, coronets
of our heads held upright.

Spiralling as we rise, 
snouts opposite, we drift
like shrimp until, our courtship done,
I give you herds of Highland stock,
of Suffolk Punch, Exmoor—

a clutch of perfect miniatures.

© Copyright David Mohan

David Mohan is a poet and short story writer based in Dublin. His poetry has been published in The Cincinnati Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Lake Effect, Stirring, Measure, Superstition Review, New World Writing, PANK and Dialogist. His poetry has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

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