Issue #5 – May 2021

Hello readers! Welcome to the fifth fintastic issue of Mermaids Monthly – inside you’ll find independence, understanding, and a recipe for remembering. There are 17 separate mermaid takes in the form of two poems, two comics, five short stories, seven illustrations, and a novelette! We didn’t even know we published novelettes until this month!

These sketches and stories are bold renderings of isolation, transformation, and wisdom; with a dash of “I told you so.” History, heritage, and hope all have their moments; and if you read till the end, you can find out more about how we went about finding the magic for these pages. A slice of the mermaid section of my TBR list makes an appearance as well as an interview with two mermaid authors whose books are out now! Dive in, the water is delightful.

Cover art by Che Gilson

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