2021 Treasure Chest

Previous Monthly Issues

Cover art by Nilah Magruder

January 2021

Cover art by Aqua Moon

February 2021

Cover art by Nivedita Sekar

March 2021

A pale, pink-haired mermaid lies topless among coral and schools of small blue fish and clownfish, among others. She holds in one hand a human skull, aged and missing teeth and a skeletal human hand in the other. She is leaning toward the viewer, her right shoulder visible and her right eye white with no pupil or iris. Among the corals, another skeletal humand hand reaches out for her shoulder. It is painted in rich blues and soft pastels, reminiscent of impressionist painters.
Cover art by Dianita

April 2021

Cover art by Che Gilson

May 2021

Cover art by Sara Eileen Hames

June 2021

Cover art by Julia Jeffrey

July 2021

Cover art by Mariana Palova

August 2021

Cover art by Aylin Sophia

September 2021

Cover art by John Picacio

October 2021

Cover art by Sadagat Aliyeva

November 2021

Cover art by Lauren Raye Snow

December 2021

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