by Dianita

Illustration by Dianita

© Copyright Dianita

Dianita is a fantasy artist born in Veracruz, Mexico, currently living in Texas. She has found that Fantasy provides her with the perfect language to portray her deepest emotions. It’s where she finds freedom to explore fears, hopes, and that wish for connection between all living creatures and our world. Her tools of choice are pencils, acrylics, and oils, and she’s often found creating art featuring women and their animal companions, or her cat Kitty meeting dragons!

She’s a member of the Mexicanx Initiative and has created cover and interior illustrations for a middle grade book called Dune Dragons and A larger reality 2.0: A Timeline in Which We Don’t Go Extinct. Some of her most exciting projects in 2020 are Month of Fear 2020, “The Woven Path Tarot” a project by the Changeling Artists Collective and being invited to participate in  #NewbieNovember for Every Day Original. 

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