Dreams of Another Life

by Elizabeth Kestrel Rogers

You dream of the cresting waves every night 
As they arch overhead, with hands to drag you down 
Sharp teeth and slit eyes, fins a pynoun 
At the end of the lure lies a singular light  

During the day you feel like drowning 
The mucus in your lungs dark green, cloying and thick 
Your movements become slow, anemic 
To this nothing your life is quickly amounting 

She is not beautiful, nor charming 
But your days grow shorter, and those waves are calling 
It might be nice to rest, stop stalling 
Her fine hands wind in your hair, her smile disarming 

This is the control you sought so long 
A way to take matters into your own two hands 
All it takes is to go into those hinterlands 
Your body joins hers, flesh together, a song

Together one, sharing her vision
A new world opens, excitement a frisson.

© Copyright Elizabeth Kestrel Rogers

Elizabeth Kestrel Rogers is a California based writer of both fiction and nonfiction. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Creative Writing and has since worked primarily as a nature/conservation writer. Her essays have also been in The Mary Sue and Strange Horizons, while her fiction has appeared in Translunar Travelers Lounge. Her poetry can be found in Strange Horizons and Kaleidotrope.

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