The Ossuary at Ocean’s End

by Marisca Pichette

We welcome you your bones
wrapped in seaweed and
ancestor’s scales,
following the tides that led you
to us.

Lay them by tails
Lay them by shells that once
were not empty.
Lay them in waters too dark
to find a second

We welcome your bones
too heavy to float
and make room 
for a reef
of dead.

waves lap and salt
into arms
of all who once held,

continue holding–
even as oceans 

© Copyright Marisca Pichette

Marisca Pichette is an author of speculative fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Fireside, Apparition Lit, PseudoPod, PodCastle, and Uncharted, among others. Her debut novel, Broken, is forthcoming in August 2022 with Heroic Books. A lover of moss and monsters, she lives in Western Massachusetts.

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